Video Projects

Urban Tales
Rooftop Series

Model- Celia Tsapalou
Mua/ Hair- Emily Pearl
Photographer/ Director- Angelo Evans
Model Agency: Top Class Management

Koukles to the bone

Ask Alice
Alice: Mikaela
Makeup Artist: Mara Mos

Black & White Steps

Black & White Steps
Model: Mikaela
Makeup artist: Sofia Gomopoulou
Hair stylist: Stela Xenitaki
Clothes: RAD polewear
Location: Polewave Studio

World Wish Day

A video made for Make A Wish ® (from Greece)
at 28 April of 2013 celebrates World Wish Day ®
at Thessaloniki, Greece.

”Lora’s D.Personal Mythology ”

Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Concept & Fashion Designer-Styling Director by Lora Dimoglou
Photographer & Image Retouching:
Louis Konstantinou
Filmed & Edited :
Angelo Evans

Emiliya P. Boeva, Manos Pirgiotakis, Emine Yesir,
Vagelis Mavraganis, Kirsten Ciel Lauder, Mikaela Kourkoula ,
Diana Chemeris, Alicja Troushi
Make Up Artist:
Petros Zymper, Mara Mos, Georgia Bekiari
Vicky Tsafara

Special thanks to ”Traditional instruments Nikos Xilouris”
and Dimitris Christodoulou for the mounting-construction of the horns.

The Collector

“He comes unexpected, unforeseenly but not uninvited.
He wakes up her vanity visions of existence,
that aim it occupies overcoming each resistance,
and becomes acceptable with gratitude.
He appears his imposing charm, changing each cell,
of offended organism in his own idol…
When he completes his false identification of victim with his picture,
comes the hour that he withdraws his big price…”
Lora -D


Filmed & Edited:
Angelo Evans

Concept & Styling:
Lora Dimoglou

Hara Chak
Sissy Samara

Make Up Artist:
Mara Mos

Hair Stylist:
Maria Iliadou

Disturb Me

Model: Hara Chak
MUA: Εleftheria Haitidou,
MUA di Barbara Bort, Italia,
endosred by Sweet Butterfly
Special thanks to Elena Taxtsidou & Stavros Abatzopoulos
for providing their bedroom

Rest in Fashion

A fashion fusion shooting


Filmed & Edited :
Angelo Evans

Assistant Photographer:
Antonis Havlidis

Fashion Designer-Styling Director:
Lora Dimoglou

Gianna Vlachou , Hara Chak , Sissy Samara

Make Up Artist:
Mara Mos

Hair Stylist:
Maria Iliadou

Special thanks
to the House Ceremony Offices
of Mr. Fanis Baboulas
and Mr. Bill Baboulas
for the concession of the shooting location

Vivi video portrait

Model : Vivi
Makup artist: Mara Mos
Hair stylist : Maria Voultsiou
Music: Mila Jovocich – Every Leaf remix Alex Tollfsen

5 Cut’s

a conceptual photography & cinematography shooting

Photography: Luez2
Video & Edit: Angelo Evans
Makeup: Mara Mos
Model: Soffia Tzika

And your world will burn

Is my voodoo working?

Model: Angelica

The Doll

Music, Film & Edit by Angelo Evans
All rights reserved
© 2012

8Ball Club Disco party, Carnival Edition

8Ball Club Every Friday Disco Party Teaser

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