Music Videos

Band: Αχιλλέας ft. Κατερίνα – Κόκκινα Χείλη
Video Clip: Κόκκινα Χείλη

Band: Wild Souls
Video Clip: Moonlight

Band: Manti
Video Clip: Took You By The Heart

Band: Wild Souls
Video Clip: Shame on you

Band: Manti
Video Clip: Keep on falling

Band: Shotgunz
Video Clip: Rock’n’Rolla

Band: Under Me
Video Clip: Inside the back of your head

Band: Hostage
Video Clip: You Are Nothing

Song: All the poets are dead
Band: Jane Doe

Band: Prassein Aloga
Song: Lamb to the slaughter
Official video clip from the album “Midas touch”
Heart of steel records

Απόσπασμα απο το ντοκιμαντέρ της 15 χρονης πορείας των Πράσσειν Άλογα

Jane Doe teaser for upcoming CD
“The enormous head of king splendid”
Song: All the Poets Are Dead

Ladydust is an acid spider from the desert reincarnated to an actress,
radio producer & dj retransmitting the most underground rock playlist
of an i-pod. Also a drummer,model & philosopher.

Ladydust is an official trademark & copyright of Marina Tsigonaki
(2003-12) All rights reserved.
Ladydust official website

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