Music Videos

Video Clip: Κόκκινα Χείλη

Band: Wild Souls
Video Clip: Shame on you

Band: Manti
Video Clip: Keep on falling

Band: Shotgunz
Video Clip: Rock’n’Rolla

Band: Under Me
Video Clip: Inside the back of your head

Band: Hostage
Video Clip: You Are Nothing

Song: All the poets are dead
Band: Jane Doe

Band: Prassein Aloga
Song: Lamb to the slaughter
Official video clip from the album “Midas touch”
Heart of steel records

Πράσσειν Άλογα: Μουσικό ντοκιμαντέρ

Απόσπασμα απο το ντοκιμαντέρ της 15 χρονης πορείας των Πράσσειν Άλογα

Jane Doe teaser for upcoming CD
“The enormous head of king splendid”
Song: All the Poets Are Dead

Ladydust is an acid spider from the desert reincarnated to an actress,
radio producer & dj retransmitting the most underground rock playlist
of an i-pod. Also a drummer,model & philosopher.

Ladydust is an official trademark & copyright of Marina Tsigonaki
(2003-12) All rights reserved.
Ladydust official website


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