Under Me

Our first song release & our first video clip
Inside the back of your head

Under Me

One common passion for music: this is what “Under Me” is made of.
The band formed in May 2007 in Thessaloniki, Greece,
by Angelo Evans (Vocals, Guitars) & Nick Kaklanis (Drums).
Sakis Metropoulos (Guitars) & Van Salinas (Bass)
joined the band and started working on cover songs,
but soon became clear a need of independent musical expression.
After Sakis & Van quit, the band remain frozen for almost 1 & half year.
At August 2011 Angelo & Nick decided to continue the band
& find new members.
Dionisis Ioanidis (Bass)/Member of Jane Doe/ joined the band
& after a while Chris Vester (Guitars)/Former member of The Cab (gr)/
joined too.
Walking on the paths of classic rock and even pop sounds,
the band hopes to reach its own musical idiom:
a common language in which anyone can identify his own contribution,
thus remaining compact and expressive.
References to favourite groups are being faced even as points of contestation,
as reason to search a different but recognisable musical expression.
Through many hours spent in studio, through moments of joy
and moments of despair, but mainly through tough personal
and collective work, we are in grade to present our first songs,
while other ideas are being elaborated, waiting to find their way to the studio.

Under Me recordings for Rock & Roll Republic compilation cd

Wasted Pain lyrics video

Rock & Roll Republic page on Facebook

Our song Wasted Pain at soundcloud from Rock & Roll Republic cd




Live appearances


Live at Radio Arvyla ANT1 TV Show

Live unplugged appearance at Anadrasis Radio

Under Me on the web



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