The C.A.B (gr)

The band was formed at August of 2004 from Angelo Evans & Chris Mitiliou,
during some home recording at Angelo Home studio.
After 6 months the band filled with Bill Tataridis as Drummer & Bill & Bill Peltekis as Bass Player.
The name come out from first names of band members
Chris – Angelo – Bill
1rst Demo recordings reaches 105,5 Rock station for Battle of the bands for Mayday Rock festival.
After that “Numb View” start to play at 105,5 radio station.
At 17 may 2005 the song “Numb View” reaches 8th position of 105,5 Rock top ten.
Next week, 23 may 2005 6th position
29 May 2005 2nd position
Finally 6th June 2005, for the first time a song from a DEMO, conquers 1rt Place
for the next 1 month.
The song remain in Top 10 for 3 months, & still is played by the station.
During 2005-2006 that the band was active they played 10 gigs
to several places in Greece.

Numb View

Live @ Xylougrio Mylos
20th November 2005


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