Angelo Evangelopoulos (aka angelo evans)
is a photographer/director since 2008.

I was born in Thessaloniki Greece at 4 March 1974, studied I.T.
but I was also a musician playing with some local bands and actually have a radio hit and have plenty of gigs & airplay
until this day.

After 7 years working as I.T. I gradually started working as a video editor.
It was so fascinating for me to sync music with picture and my I.T. background skills and my music hobby was a huge plus.
After 2 years as video editor the next obvious step for me was to start shooting.
I remember after one year shooting videos that I wanted to get better, so I started being interested in photography.
I wanted to evolve my shoots, but soon photography became a passion.
I started with a Canon 5d (mrk I) and yes, that was before DSLr video, so when Canon 5D mrk II was out the market I had some basic knowledge about what ISO, Speed & Aperture was.
I’m a self taught, besides some workshops in photography, cinematography and video editing.
After a while I realized that that all those was some how “in me” regardless of my I.T. studies.
Many things were some how natural for me cause as a teenager I spend most of my time doing 4 things:

  • Reading a lots of books, (I am a bookworm)
  • Watching MTV
  • Watching films
  • Listening and playing music

The next 2 years I was filming lots of live music gigs and I started to direct music video clips.
Being my self in a band and knowing the struggle helped, my vision was that bands must have a part of their work in visual art form.
After a while I started to experimenting with more video projects, besides music video clips.
Fashion was just a flirt, but after doing some shoots I started to enjoying it more.
It all started as fashion video projects, a bit more experimental & conceptual but I believe that the human factor is the core of my work.
Than photography became a second nature and I started getting more and more jobs in photography.
What I have discovered through those years is that I love working with people, maybe that’s why I love portraits.
It’s all about communication, getting out of our “autopilot mode” and be more creative and present in the moment and in life.


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