Angelo Evangelopoulos (aka angelo evans)

I was born in Thessaloniki Greece at 4 March 1974,

My first contact with art was painting at high school.
I won in a Greek Painting Competition but fall in love with music so I stop painting.  I started playing with local bands. I had a radio hit with airplay to this day and performed in plenty of gigs.
I studied I.T..  After 7 years working as an I.T. proffessional I gradually started working as a video editor.  It was so fascinating to me to sync music with picture. My I.T. skills and music background was a huge plus.  I strived for bands to achieve having part of their work in visual art form.
Editing for 2 years, my next step was to start shooting so I did. I then evolved a photographic sense into my framing
I’m self taught. I attended many workshops in photography, cinematography and video editing. I started experimenting with more video projects, music video clips /gigs and weddings.
Fashion was just a flirt, but after doing some shoots I gained a passion about it.

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